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Corona Virus Emergency

The European Health Chamber aims at representing European entrepreneurs in the field of health, at European level. The organization’s headquarter is in Brussels at the heart of the EU distric and is accredited to the European Commission.


Cooperation for an Europe of Health

The Chamber can represent different Health fields : public health, pharmaceutical sector, medical devices, industries, hospitals, academics and health physicians.

Together, we cooperate with the European Institutions to improve the national health systems, with the knowledge of all our members directly involved  in health policies in their own countries on a daily basis. Therefore, The European Health Chamber’s Internal Committees give the opportunity to its members to actively follow and work with the EU legislations and policies.


Together, we can better discuss and help to build a real Europe for health, working with different aspects, in full respect of the rights of the patients in order to improve citizen needs.

An efficient monitoring, an active visibility

The European Health Chamber supports its member associations by being constantly updated, by monitoring and by following the EU legislation related to health and social care.

We offer the possibility to our members to directly be involved in the EU High Level Groups, European Parliament meetings and seminars. We can follow and help with any EU health dossier being a source of interest for a specific member.


The European Health Chamber is also an opportunity to directly network and exchange ideas, projects, beyond the different health sectors. All members are in contact and participate in different dossiers, having access to our European health data base.

We ask to our members to appoint two representatives to the European Health Chamber and to choose in which committee they would like to be part of, in order to create high level groups of experts that could represent the Chamber itself.

We help in EU funding and international projects partnerships

Free Tender submission for our members, Master classes and seminars in your own Country, Guidelines Brochures, Chamber Partnerships and project network creation.
International Registrations and Markets Access Department
Thanks to our experts we can help you to apply for medicaments registration and distribution in third Countries and to help you on medical devices business development.
Corona Virus Medical Devices
The European Health Chamber helps on Medical Devices requests related to Corona Virus. We created a European network of trustful selected suppliers able to find the needed devices for Doctors, hospitals, Pharmacies and citizen associations. All devices detain EU Certification and are already downloaded in Europe.