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The European Health Chamber has created the European Antenna of Medicaments registration. The scope is to help Pharmaceutical companies to access the market of non european countries.
The European Health Chamber welcomes the NGO Medecins pour Tous International as a new member. Mr. Giordano has been appointed as member of the Italian Board and will represent the Belgian delegation.
The European Health chamber has signed a contract agreement with 15 Ivory Coast Pharmacies in order to supply the demand of medicaments. The European Health Chamber has also been chosen to supply the new Hospital of Abidjan.
Dr. Alberto De Sanctis has been elected President of the European Health Chamber. Dr. De Santis, is since several years, President of one of the first EHC members : ECHO, the European Confederation of Care Home Associations. 
The European Health Chamber has won an European Grant, of the European Programme for education and professional training, Erasmus Plus, concerning the Training Path for Phlebologists in Europe. The European Health Chamber project has been ranked on the top positions from the European Agency. Kick off meeting with all the international partners will be in late September. The European Health Chamber will appoint 2 experts among its members associations.
Mr. Giordano has been Appointed Member of the Board of Healthfirsteurope. 


European Health Chamber participates at the Horizon 2020 Call, for the ICT Innovation Actions Programme on the Topic : Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation. The project focus on the sustainability of lifestyles linked to health protection and social environment.


The European Health Chamber opened a joint venture in China for the distribution of European Pharmaceutical Medicines, in 32 Chinese provinces


Paris Board Meeting


Dr. Simonetta Maiorano has been elected Director of the European Health Chamber Pharma and Health Devices Department

4/02/ 2017

The European Health Chamber

participated at the European Commission Public Consultation on the Mid term evaluation of The Health Programme 2014-2020. The European Health Chamber position has been sent to DG SANTE


The European Health Chamber, in cooperation with the European Medical Association, has Created an EU Health Database in order to help on our member's networking. To apply to be part of the Database, you will be asked to fully respect all the EU Health legislation including standards and medical devices rules.


The European Health Chamber supports the European Charter Of Patients' Rights

Nurses Request for Germany : We are looking for Nurses to work in German clinics. EU professional qualifications or Non EU Nurse University Diploma. German Speaking Level B2
Health Battericide Hospital shoes request : 2000 pairs, mix of sizes, FOB price
Italian Care home (RSA) selling request in Bari
Private Hospitals buying request (in all European countries)

European injectable medicaments request

Medical Tourism in Italy

The European Health Chamber participated at the Hearing of the Expert Panel on Effective Ways of Investing in Health (click here to access to the EC opinion document)
Athens meeting on The Erasmus Plus Project with all our European partners is scheduled on the 21 first of Juin 2019 at the Greek Association of Phlebologists. 
European Health Chamber
(Brussels office)
Erasmus Plus Kick Off Meeting on :
EC Phlebology Project
The European Health chamber welcomes at its offices in Brussels the European Commission and all the partners involved in the project, which scope is to create the European Cvs for the specialization of the Phebologist Doctor. 
Mr. Giordano and Dr. Costigliola are the experts nominated to represent the EHC.
Among several duties, the European health Chamber will organize at the European Parliament the final Conference on the dissemination of the project results.
(Meeting Agenda click here) 
Healthfirsteurope Assembly General
Activity Report 2016/17 (click here)


CPME - Commission Santé


M Giordano attended as a speaker on the

European Health Funding possibilities for the Small Medium Enterprises 


European Economic Social Committee


11th European Patients Rights Day

European and National Medicines Regulatory System


European Parliament, Brussels :

Universal Health Coverage For All

Kick off Meeting Access Campaign

(European Health Chamber invited)


Measuring Patient Safety progress in Europe :
11 indicators to accelerate the implementation of EU Patient Safety policies 
(European Parliament Esplanade)

The European Health Chamber will participate to the round table with the European Commission, OCDE, Health MS Ministries, discussing on Patient Safety and HAIs policies at both the European and national levels (Meeting Agenda)


Chinese Hospitals Delegation Meeting


Twelve Chinese Private Hospitals  meet the European Health Chamber in Brussels and attend  our workshop with the European Commission.


European Health Chamber Seminar :

European Health Funding opportunities for the Third Countries

The seminar is organized for the Health Chamber members and is free  of costs. Meeting documents will be available for all our members


The European Health Chamber is part of the EU Transparency Register


The European Health Chamber has been accepted as a Member of Healthfirsteurope, an Alliance of Patients Healthcare Federations and Medical Industries, directly supported by several Members of the European Parliament.


The European Health Chamber participates at the European Parliament Interest Group on Innovation in Health and Social Care.