Who we are

Chamber officials are people with several years of specific experience in European health policies, European funding opportunities and EU legal advices.

The Chamber officials help the members with their needs. 

They assist the Members Chamber Committees, coordinating the activity and delivering all information.

The Chamber officials also advise on your specific dossiers, organizing meetings with the EU Institutions, appointing you to Health Congresses or EU High Level groups, organizing seminars and delivering all the EU health documentation you need.   

You will be understanding and participating in EU Funding for the Health sector. How can you be part of Horizon 2020 and what are the direct funding opportunities for your Health sector?  How do the Structural funds work? How could you invest in foreign countries ? How could the European Investments Bank deliver you a loan?

You will find partners interested in the projects you would like to apply. We can suggest and advise on projects tenders and thanks to our EU Funding department, even submit a project for you.

You will have the possibility to directly network, having the access to our European Health Database. 

We can help you accessing markets in several countries and developing new opportunities of business.

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Paolo Giordano